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are you still taking stories about AM

Are you still taking stories about AM, I have one from College


I am a senior citizen and not real Text savvy. I joined the premium members about a month or so ago but I do not know how to navigate it. I found it very confusing. Please help.

Maggie was real target maybe ?

Something I heard Alex say today and have heard him say before was that he thought Paul left the property after dinner - didn’t realize he was at the kennels. But he knew Maggie was there. And never went to check on her even though she would have been down there alone and not answering his texts before he went to his moms. My husband would never do that to me. Even if he was mad at me- he wouldn’t leave me outside in the dark by myself not answering my phone while he disappeared for an hour. Then he says “they did”or maybe he said “I did you wrong”. But I feel like Paul was not supposed to be there. His wife was spending the money faster than he could steal it. And it had to stop. Gucci, RH at the beach, credit card debt, full time help for every location that cook and even iron your T-shirts !! They didn’t like be together so who knows what their relationship was really? Her death would be another tragedy to give him time, to sell some stuff, maybe some properties, and gather some money. Sometimes with credit - with death, the debt goes away. Cold blooded but the boys would be okay and move on somewhere else. I think he had planned to leave and let someone else come in to do the dirty work. But only Maggie was to be there. Any thoughts ?

Randolph’s involvement

Any possible proof of Randolph III’s involvement in Alex’s crimes/schemes? I feel like there has to be, there’s no way Alex figured out how to do all of this behind the scenes stuff by himself.

Mozelle Trail Cam Video?

Ok, maybe I was dreaming this, but I could have thought I recalled while listening to one of the podcasts that the Private Investigator that Parkers hired might have put a trail cam outside of Mozelle?