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Getting ads on my premium podcasts

I am a premium subscriber. I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that I’m getting ads again on the podcasts. There was a note some time back about how to correct this. Could you send that to me again. Thanks!! (Love the Mica Miller coverage)

COJ Premium

Hello, is there a COJ premium channel? I’d love to give COJ the listen instead of the trusunlight channel. I want both platform to succeed to the fullest

What’s up with Will Folks?

I’m a North Carolinian with roots in SC. Have enjoyed keeping up with events in SC by reading Fitsnews. Folks position on Murdaugh related events since the end of the trial seems bizarre. His most recent observation that the evidentiary hearing results threaten the legal rights of SC individuals make me wonder if I saw and heard the same trial.

Juror ride with Becky Hill?

Do you know what the truth is, as to whether Becky Hill “did or didn’t” ride in a vehicle with a juror? Wondering if it’s totally fabricated or Poot worded it to be semantically misleading?

Not receiving email updates

I’m a pocket full of sunshine subscriber and don’t seem to be receiving email