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COJ Premium

Hello, is there a COJ premium channel? I’d love to give COJ the listen instead of the trusunlight channel. I want both platform to succeed to the fullest

Suggested Guest for Cup of Justice

Hi! I have been listening to a new podcast called Believe Her. The podcast has been really well done. You can tell that the host and lead reporter has dedicated an incredible about of work into getting all of the facts. I thought Mandy and Liz would appreciate seeing another report really putting in the investigative work. I thought the host/reporter, Justine Van Der Leun would make a great guest on Cup of Justice. Just wanted to suggest the podcast in case you have not seen it. Thanks!

question about my account, please?

Whom should I contact with a question about my subscription? I can see that my credit card was charged $ 50 in December to continue my subscription on 12/6/23, but my LUNASHARK PREMIUM link in Apple podcasts stopped automatically downloading new, commercial-free episodes on 12/11/23. I did not receive a new link in an email to "refresh" this, and I am no longer receiving any email "sunscriber" updates. Thank you - Kathy Schaefer

What’s up with Will Folks?

I’m a North Carolinian with roots in SC. Have enjoyed keeping up with events in SC by reading Fitsnews. Folks position on Murdaugh related events since the end of the trial seems bizarre. His most recent observation that the evidentiary hearing results threaten the legal rights of SC individuals make me wonder if I saw and heard the same trial.

Not receiving email updates

I’m a pocket full of sunshine subscriber and don’t seem to be receiving email