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More of an observation than a question . . .

This is an observation rather than a question, but so that I can make sure a question is involved, my question would be, "have you noticed the same thing I have?" Background: I'm a lawyer who has dealt with the "good ole boy" culture for many years. We women know it when we see it. We try to fight it when we can. But it's always there. We see, little by little, barriers being eroded, but we still have to console our daughters who deal with the same culture of misogyny. People like the Murdaughs, the PMPeD attorneys, Jim Griffin, and Dick Harpootlian, also know it when they see it and they actively harness it for their benefit. This is a case in which AM (and others) took advantage of women, people of color, and minors because they knew they could get away with it. I truly believe that AM and his defense team thought they could waltz into the courtroom and act the way they always have - use denigrating questions and grandstanding rather than true lawyering and know that the "brotherhood" would have their back. But, here, the Judge is not "one of them" and they do not know how to act. They cannot use their elitist dog whistles to ingratiate themselves with the judge. Creighton Waters is clearly not ingratiated and, most importantly, neither are the women who have testified so adamantly about what they do and what they know. It is clear to me that much of the pivotal witness testimony in this case have been from women -- Rutland, Worley, and Jeannie Seckinger -- and that has rattled the defense lawyers. It is amazing that they still think they can rely on the standard operating procedure and just put down the witnesses and make it appear that they are not in the club and thus not to be listened to. And the rulings from a judge who is not one of the good ole boys is rattling the good ole boys. They don't know what to do because they have never had to figure it out. I love seeing this play out - for every woman out there who has had to work 3X as hard as men just to get recognition for the job they do.

Dinner at Moselle the night of the murders

Am I the only one that noticed the glaring omission in Alex’s interview about dinner? We have been hearing that the 3 of them had dinner together that night but nowhere in his recounting of that days events from the afternoon until the 911 call does he say anything about dinner? Seems like that would have been hard to forget. Maggie and Paul had similar stomach contents but obviously we have no way of knowing what was in Alex’s stomach.

The trip to the Bahamas post murders

Am I remembering correctly that MMP (about a year ago??) Talked about Alex taking a trip on a private plane to the Bahamas with maybe 4 other people. This happened after the murders before the "suicide" attempt. I am trying to narrow down which episode it was. I am pretty sure it was pre-Liz, and Mandy was still at Fitz.

What is your next big project?

Hi there! Big supporter here and have loved listening to MMP so far. I'm really looking forward to some of the upcoming stories you'll be covering, could you tease a few that we can expect in the coming months?


I'm a member and will be logging in tomorrow. what is the best way to listen/watch it? Do I log in to this and then there will be a link to the courtroom? I'm not the most technical person so need a step by step. :) BTW praying for yall tomorrow even through all the excitement, I know you guys are the boots on the ground and we can't fathom the work/stress/anxiety you are having! Love and prayers to yall through this and thank you for everything you have done for the justice of all!