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I didn't save my original welcome email - how can I log into the discord chat?


Soooo do we have to go thru this every single time we ask a question? and if others could see the ANSWERS to questions that would be super cool!! Thanks!

Do I need two or one MMP?

Just signed up for premium. Should I continue to listen to Original MMP and Premium MMP? Or is Premium all that Original offers and more!?

Focus on Corruption

Have you contemplated a documentary or some other format in which the Murdaugh stories are told, but the overarching focus is on the chokehold of CORRUPTION that dominates (dominated?) this area of SC? MMP episodes do dwell a good bit on corruption but It seems the larger media companies (and I suspect you're being approached by many of them) have been focusing on the murders, so-called attempted murder, and of course the horrific treatment of AM's clients and others. The vast corruption across the lawyers, the banks, the judiciary, and the law enforcement agencies is getting little attention. Keep up the great work! AnnFromVirginia

Bowen Turner

I have not heard anything about the Bowen Turner case lately. Is he still in jail? Has his trial come up yet? Thank you Mandy and Liz!