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Eric Bland’s friend, Greg Leon

Listened to the most recent COJ this morning. I admire Eric Bland’s work with Murdaugh’s financial victims. It’s OK for him to still be friends with Leon, and Leon is all those things he claims. But…EB left out the other side of Leon. And because he left it out people here who don’t live in Lexington County don’t know the whole story. Greg Leon was indicted on bribery charges for bribing the sheriff. He is part of the good old boy corruption network in SC that EB rages against. I was floored by that last week but wasn’t going to judge EB on his choice of friends. But his high praise of Leon in his statement without mention of the corruption charges is wrong in my opinion. Leon was also caught while awaiting his murder trial trying to bribe a witness who was an employee of his to lie. The article below details the corruption charges. So no questions from me. I just thought y’all needed to know since in the podcast Mandy said she didn’t know much about it.

Any update on the Hulu show?!

I cannot get enough of MMP and eagerly awaiting the Hulu show. Could you give us any details or maybe when we could expect to see it?!

Blanco getting rid of evidence?

Hi, Lily here... The moment I heard Buster complaining about Blanco taking things out of the houses a huge exclamation point went off in my head. I know there are two Blankos, I remarked on your insta how weird that was. Again, what are the odds of having two Blancos in your life? But I'm wondering if you've heard anything about her being questioned... what did she take (besides Maggies clothes)? Was she getting rid of evidence? Papers? Account info? That's just so weird that Buster was irritated and Alex was like "No big deal... anyhoo, can you please do this, this, and this?"

Man in the courtroom?

Who is the white haired gentleman in the courtroom dressed in suit and tie? He was sitting today ( Thursday) on the prosecution side a few rows behind Alex in the photos? It seems to me that he is a SC politician, but I can't remember his name....

Paul’s truck

I may have missed it but what do you make of Paul’s truck being found miles away in another town. Guy guys seem to have all the sources- was this addressed and i missed it?