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Can Eric Bland start one of those sleep stories type apps where instead of listening to Rege Jean Page tell a saucy tale, Eric can talk about Murdaugh trial nuance and strategy? Or even just list out all the ways Judge Mullen is in ethical breach of her position? Perhaps that would be good extra content for us premium members. I know I could get quite a few of my friends to sign up for a premium membership with just that.

Blanco getting rid of evidence?

Hi, Lily here... The moment I heard Buster complaining about Blanco taking things out of the houses a huge exclamation point went off in my head. I know there are two Blankos, I remarked on your insta how weird that was. Again, what are the odds of having two Blancos in your life? But I'm wondering if you've heard anything about her being questioned... what did she take (besides Maggies clothes)? Was she getting rid of evidence? Papers? Account info? That's just so weird that Buster was irritated and Alex was like "No big deal... anyhoo, can you please do this, this, and this?"

Mozelle Trail Cam Video?

Ok, maybe I was dreaming this, but I could have thought I recalled while listening to one of the podcasts that the Private Investigator that Parkers hired might have put a trail cam outside of Mozelle?

Drugs in the Lowcountry

If Alex was responsible for running a significant amount of drugs, is there less of a supply now? Have you all heard anything about drugs being harder to get, fewer drug arrests, etc. in Colleton and Hampton?

Maggie's Family

Why has Maggie's family been silent? Her sister must know a lot...are they afraid of the Murdaughs?