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So confused on Membership

Got your email trying to explain where to watch your broadcasts, ask Qs, etc. (It’s all so confusing. Is there a PowerPoint or something we can access that will walk (or talk) us through everything? (Esp. for those of us that are premium members). I feel like I’m missing out on all of the benefits.

Attending Trial

I have the opportunity to come to Walterboro from Texas and wanted to know what the chances were to get a seat in the courtroom.

View verdict

Can lower level subscribers please see video of Mandy and Liz when verdicts were read?

ad-free podcast?

Hi. The latest MMP podcast (today's) includes ads. I'm wondering how to access the ad-free version with my subscription. Thanks!


Can Gracie live with her mom now that she is over 16 or is required to stay with her dad until 17 or 18?