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Map of the john Marvin and Paul car switch

Hey! Where can I find the graph Beth drew so I can follow this car switching the night of the murder? Thanks!

Rogan G. Full interview

Where on your sight do we access the full Rogan interview? Thanks!

question about my account, please?

Whom should I contact with a question about my subscription? I can see that my credit card was charged $ 50 in December to continue my subscription on 12/6/23, but my LUNASHARK PREMIUM link in Apple podcasts stopped automatically downloading new, commercial-free episodes on 12/11/23. I did not receive a new link in an email to "refresh" this, and I am no longer receiving any email "sunscriber" updates. Thank you - Kathy Schaefer

What does premium do

I know I paid for month of January(1/2 price) but I am not seeinfpg where to retrieve all the extra information. I am getting what I have always had access to on the podcasts and Spotify.

Upcoming Events

When will you be releasing dates for upcoming events? Haven't been able to make one yet due to work, family, and distance and would love to be able to plan for one soon!