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Sunshine Committee info re Public Disclosures in WA State

Hi, this is truly not a question, I just didn't know where to send this. There is a "Sunshine Committee" here in Washington State to review exemptions to public disclosure: The meetings are hybrid and public, so anyone can attend by Zoom. In case this is useful for journalists and attorneys in other states :-) The next meeting is March 12 (info is at that link)

Just a big thank you and admiration

Mandy, You and Liz are so wonderful. I admire your tenancity and your smart work. Really have been praying for you to be able to continue your work. Keep going it is orth it, A big fan in California. Dottie Monroe. When are you coming to Napa or S.F. this area?

Alex reason for murders

It's been said time and again by you and the prosecutors that Alex murdered his wife and son in order to get sympathy. What makes much more sense to me is that he killed them because all of his finances would have been exposed had the two following things happened: Maggie was going to allegedly divorce him which would force him to disclose all of his finances, and if Paul was gone, then there'd be no trial and again he wouldn't have to disclose his finances. What are your thoughts?

I would still like to hear what you think really "happened" the night of the murder. Not that Alex "did" it - but what happened. Premeditated for days? Hours? Paul mouthed off and Alex killed him then had to kill Maggie to cover it up? Other way around? ...