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Randolph Murdaugh III

I have been a listener since the beginning, and I don't recall a deep dive into what you believe in Randolph Murdaugh III's knowledge or involvement in Alex's financial crimes and the murders. I know it is not polite to defame a deceased person, and I am not trying to do so; however, with his co-signing on several of Alex's loans, at a minimum, he must have known he was playing a shell game. I suspect he knew much more, and Alex likely thought his father would assist with/ him not being prosecuted for the murders. I would love to know your thoughts. Love True Sunlight, COJ, and can't wait to see your name on the NYT Bestseller list!

Murdaugh Motion Hearings

Is the murder trial being held in Colleton County? If so, why was a hearing held last week in Richland County about the t-shirt and blood spatter evidence? Love the show!!


Hey y’all. Why didn’t Maggie go with Alex to see his parents? That was the plan correct? One more thing where is the gun that cousin Eddie threw out the truck? Was that maybe one of the murder weapons.? My nick name for y’all is… “LAGENTS” ladies and gentleman. Well your like agents right? Lol Y’all are the best. Blessings get rest when you can! THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOUR DOING! My mom is 81 and loves you all! You bring light to her life and that’s a good thing. Peace out….

Do I need two or one MMP?

Just signed up for premium. Should I continue to listen to Original MMP and Premium MMP? Or is Premium all that Original offers and more!?

Bowen Turner

I have not heard anything about the Bowen Turner case lately. Is he still in jail? Has his trial come up yet? Thank you Mandy and Liz!