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Was Alex really an addict?

Is there evidence that Alex was using opioids or was it a convenient ploy to buy six weeks in rehab?

A legal quick? for the jackhammer of justice

You guys have talked about whether or not Alex Murdaugh really had an opioid addiction before. What I was wondering was whether you all think his legal team plans to factor that into his defense in any meaningful way. Perhaps you could have the jackhammer of justice weigh in with his excellent expertise on exactly what a diminished capacity" defense might look like should Alex Murdaugh’s defense team go that route? Love all y’all and thanks for all you do. Gwen from New Fairfield CT

Change of Venue

Given the small size of the jury pool in a county where the Murdaughs have so much influence did either side ever ask for a change of venue?

B of A

How is Bank of America getting such a pass when their opening of accounts for Alex facilitated so much of the fraud? There is complete silence about their role in the Forge accounts. Someone obviously dropped the ball in that institution.

Federal charges

Now that Alec has been charged federally for tax crimes, will he end up in a federal prison anyway? Or will he stay in the South Carolina system?