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Can Eric Bland start one of those sleep stories type apps where instead of listening to Rege Jean Page tell a saucy tale, Eric can talk about Murdaugh trial nuance and strategy? Or even just list out all the ways Judge Mullen is in ethical breach of her position? Perhaps that would be good extra content for us premium members. I know I could get quite a few of my friends to sign up for a premium membership with just that.

Asking a Client if they are guilty

Based on Eric's answer that attorneys have to swear that what they put in a motion is on a "good faith basis," is the strategy when taking a client who is a defendant in murder case to NOT ask the defendant if they are guilty? Is there a chance Dick and Jim have never outright asked Alex if he is guilty?


I want to Make sure I still have a subscription. I canceled one because I signed up twice.

Courtroom etiquette

Is it normal for observers to be able to move around when court is in session? And why is Poot allowed to stand over everyone when he isn’t addressing a witness?

911 Call

I was looking back on previous podcasts trying to find the 911 call where you hear AM quietly say (while the 911 operator is talking) "Paul why did you have to get involved?", but I can't find it. Which episode was that? Think we'll hear that?! I hope so! Thanks again for all your hard work - it's paying off!!!