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I am a senior citizen and not real Text savvy. I joined the premium members about a month or so ago but I do not know how to navigate it. I found it very confusing. Please help.

Murder Trial

One thought I had is that if Alex gets off on murders, he will go to a much nicer prison on white collar crimes. What are your thoughts on this? I thought he committed murders from beginning but his lawyers are doing a great job at sewing doubt….

Other characters in this crazy Murdaugh saga…

Do y’all think chris Wilson will ever be held responsible for being an obvious player in the financial scheme or schemes? Or is he somehow gonna be forgiven because he is possibly telling it all on his “buddy”? I find it very hard to believe that he was not aware of what was actually going on.


I'm a member and will be logging in tomorrow. what is the best way to listen/watch it? Do I log in to this and then there will be a link to the courtroom? I'm not the most technical person so need a step by step. :) BTW praying for yall tomorrow even through all the excitement, I know you guys are the boots on the ground and we can't fathom the work/stress/anxiety you are having! Love and prayers to yall through this and thank you for everything you have done for the justice of all!

Alex's check from Parker Law

Good morning! I was wondering if the six figure check from Parker Law Group, the one that Alex was speaking with Buster about on one of the jail calls, was the payout for his patnership agreement?