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Accessories to a murder

This is a legal question…… With the pictures of Murdaugh family members walking around Moselle shortly after the murders…… and that whole thing about law firms having access to technology that can wipe out car gps history ( mind blown on this one) …..what is the threshold for “ accessory “ charges?????????

New Tshirt?

Can we get MMP tshirts with a line from Mandy’s tweet today? I loved it!! “MMP - Come for the facts, stay for the sass.”


Can anyone go to the trial? If I drive down there, what’s the possibility of sitting in on a session?

if not Alex, who?

If Alex isn’t the murderer, someone else is. I know the prosecution can’t suggest the absence of another suspect makes Alex guilty, but can they point out the utter lack of effort or interest Alex has in IDing the killer — a symbolic reward retracted, then nothing. In jailhouse calls, he even urged Buster to go hunting where Paul and Maggie were murdered 😳.

Evidentiary items

I heard that at the end of each day, material is made public that was shown in the trial. Is that evidence available to the public? Thanks