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Disord link

I just joined, trying to connect through Discord and it says my invite link expired. Even though I just did it? Any help appreciated! I did search and found the link provided previously, but it’s still saying the invite expired.

Labor Day Shooting Hypothesis

Hi Mandy, Liz and Eric! I’m sure you have zero time to read any messages, but I have to run a theory by you that I can’t believe I haven’t heard mentioned anywhere… a friend of mine actually texted this to Eric this morning after I told it to her to get his thoughts. The Labor Day shooting has never made any sense through any of the explanations that have been tossed out there. My belief is that Alex lured Eddie out to Salkehatchie Rd to kill him, not the other way around. I think Eddie was his only living accomplice to the murders and he had to get rid of him as a witness or either as someone with knowledge who could tell on him or blackmail him for more money. This also explains the big checks he received right after the shootings. And even if Eddie didn’t help him in the double homicide, he may have been propositioned to help him and therefore knew about it. I think Alex could say “I stopped to change my flat tire, this guy tried to kill me so I killed him in self defense… oh and he must have targeted me because he is obviously the one who killed my family too.” But after it went awry, Alex AND Eddie had to tell these ridiculous stories because neither could implicate himself in the homicides. Have you heard this theory out there? I have not, but I have believed since the Labor Day shooting happened that this was the real situation. Anyway, you guys are so incredible! I’m an MMP Premium member because I don’t want to miss a thing that y’all do so keep it up! Nothing is better for the soul than SUNLIGHT!☀️

Asking a Client if they are guilty

Based on Eric's answer that attorneys have to swear that what they put in a motion is on a "good faith basis," is the strategy when taking a client who is a defendant in murder case to NOT ask the defendant if they are guilty? Is there a chance Dick and Jim have never outright asked Alex if he is guilty?

Would someone brutalized by Alex be called to testify in this trial? Sort of Character witness?

Perhaps this is a question for Eric - in posting about Lindsey, the sex worker who was brutalized by Alex, on y'all's insta, I'm wondering if the state could call her as a witness just to establish his 1.) Secret life, 2.) Violent tendencies... Or is that considered irrelevant to this case? I would think that establishing that there are "neutral" parties who could attest to the violent nature (especially the instantly "flipping" and turning into something monstrous in just moments) would be helpful for building a case of "this isn't at all out of character for this guy" with regard to him losing it and detaching into a monster.

Did the neighbor hear the shots

I know the. Neighbor’s camera was off the night of the murders but did he hear the shots?