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Comment. Section on live feed

How come it disappears after court day ends? I watch the trial later and want to see comments

Being pesky tips

How do you suggest one get started taking a deeper dive into a corrupt case that I know of? Like statistics on convictions in that county, etc. Or is there a separate email where you guys want to hear about cases that really need some sunlight shining on them? 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Who was killed first?

I want to ask Mandy, Eric and Liz what order they think the prosecution will say in the trial who was killed first. I keep flip flopping. I think sometimes that Paul "got involved in something he shouldn't" and he was the target because his trial would end when he died (therefore hiding his financial crimes longer) and Maggie ran away when she heard the shots and he shot her second. Then I flip my thinking and consider that he lured Maggie to the house, her friends said she was suspicious, they didn't end up going to see her father-in-law (the reason for the lure) and didn't know Paul was there when he confronted her about her about something triggering (like going to the police or his law firm or divorcing him or even for sympathy so everyone would lay off him), then Paul hid in the the feed room and he opened the door and shot him point blank because he was a witness ("why did you have to get involved"). Two different guns also suggests to me one was not planned or was "discovered" after the other was shot. I would love to know what you each speculate.

I foster puppies/dogs let me help

Hey Mandy, I just heard you say you want a new dog in the New Year. I foster for a rescue here in SC and we always have lovely puppies and young dogs! What kind are you looking for? Please let us help yall find your new fur baby 😍😍

Drugs in the Lowcountry

If Alex was responsible for running a significant amount of drugs, is there less of a supply now? Have you all heard anything about drugs being harder to get, fewer drug arrests, etc. in Colleton and Hampton?