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What is your next big project?

Hi there! Big supporter here and have loved listening to MMP so far. I'm really looking forward to some of the upcoming stories you'll be covering, could you tease a few that we can expect in the coming months?

Any update on the Hulu show?!

I cannot get enough of MMP and eagerly awaiting the Hulu show. Could you give us any details or maybe when we could expect to see it?!

Randolph’s involvement

Any possible proof of Randolph III’s involvement in Alex’s crimes/schemes? I feel like there has to be, there’s no way Alex figured out how to do all of this behind the scenes stuff by himself.

Murdaugh Motion Hearings

Is the murder trial being held in Colleton County? If so, why was a hearing held last week in Richland County about the t-shirt and blood spatter evidence? Love the show!!


Hey y’all. Why didn’t Maggie go with Alex to see his parents? That was the plan correct? One more thing where is the gun that cousin Eddie threw out the truck? Was that maybe one of the murder weapons.? My nick name for y’all is… “LAGENTS” ladies and gentleman. Well your like agents right? Lol Y’all are the best. Blessings get rest when you can! THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOUR DOING! My mom is 81 and loves you all! You bring light to her life and that’s a good thing. Peace out….